The Best Years of Our Lives

Short and sweet reminder for all of us navigating the parenting world; When we were on vacation this winter we met this wonderful couple. Their boys were full grown one was going into law enforcement and the other a firefighter. They enjoyed watching us with the girls and even got in some play time. I remember at one point or another both of them had said to Angelo and I “they are only this young for a short time, enjoy it, these will be the best years of your lives” . . . I remember laughing and rolling my eyes. In that moment it was hard to see it, but the other night I stood in the kitchen cooking dinner, watching my husband chase Stella and Evva around the island trying to soak up all those giggles before bedtime that I realized it’s true. Sometimes amongst the sleepless nights (Evva still gets up multiple times at night) and the endless piles of laundry, and the cooking of dinners- we forget that these are the moments that we need to enjoy and savour. The laundry and the dishes can wait until we read a book or sing a song together, these are the moments in 30 years we will look back and cherish. So chase them around the island one more time, sing row row your boat (don’t forget the verse with the crocodile) and just soak it up Mama’s because it doesn’t last forever.

(Left to Right) Evva, Lindsay, Stella and Angelo

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