Markham Fair 175 Years

My memories of “The Fair” go way back, probably further back than most of the GTAs residents. My Grandpa Jack (my maternal grandfather) took my Mom and her sisters when they were young, and when the next generation of grand kids came along (my sisters and I) the tradition continued. Every year in the fall, my mothers side of the family would get together at our house and make our way to the Markham Fair as a giant clan. There was always delicious fair food-cotton candy, chocolate fudge, candy apples, french fries, corn dogs. And of course the classic fair rides-tilt a whirl, the zipper, go carts and much more. Some of my strongest memories are of being inside of Old Macdonald’s Barn, the baby chicks and little piglets are still my favourite to this day- heck, they are also my children’s favourite!

As we grew older and my Grandpa Jack passed away, my family and I have made many new memories of the fair. At school we would make arts and crafts in class and then my Mom and Dad would take us to the school children’s exhibit to see if any of us had won a prize or had the honor of being chosen for the display. My mom would often win 1st prize in the Dill Pickle competition using my Baba’s top secret family recipe- it was a great source of pride to our family. As I became a teenager, it was always a big deal to go with the teen dance on Friday nights. My friends and I would dress-up in the warmest and most fashionable attire we owned and would roam the fair grounds until it closed. One of my most recent memories was running for Markham Fair Ambassador in my early twenties which became a defining moment of my adult life as it lead me to become an annual volunteer years later!

And 37 short years later here I am, writing a blog post all about the Markham Fair! The memories that my husband Angelo and I make every year with our new family are some of our family favourites. Watching our girls curious faces light-up as they lock eyes on the midway for the first time or seeing the joy in their souls when they get to try a special fair treat truly warms our hearts. Most importantly, the friendships my girls are making with other volunteer’s “fair kids” are relationships that I sincerely hope will last a lifetime. Two of my best friendships were made at the Markham Fair and every year as we lead up to the Fair weekend we spend more time together and it’s like we were never apart.

The Markham Fair has become so much more for me and my family than just rides and treats. The Markham Fair is about lifelong friendships, adventure, digging into our rural roots and most importantly, letting loose and having a little fun.

So, grab your family or friends and spend a day or two exploring the Markham Fair! Congratulations to the Markham Fair for 175 years of amazing memories, I can’t wait to make so many more.

Information about the Markham Fair can be found here:

One thought on “Markham Fair 175 Years

  1. Willard Shank says:

    Thank you for sharing these memories. My earliest memory of The Fair is winning a small toy for pounding a nail into a block of wood. This was in the old arena, the one that was demolished in 1959 or 1960.


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