Forsythe Farms – Worth The Visit!

I remember when I was a kid, I lived for a good field trip and what I loved even more than that was my mom joining my class as a volunteer chaperone. A few decades later, I still get excited when I get to go on a field trip, the only difference is, this time, I’m a Mom- a volunteer chaperone – taking one of my children with her 25 classmates to Forsythe Farms in Uxbridge, Ontario.

I consider myself to be very lucky, not only for the opportunity to join Stella’s class for a visit to this beautiful farm, but also for the chance to get to know her hardworking, selfless teachers and so many of her wonderful school friends.

Set in the quaint Greenbank, Ontario (Uxbridge by Google Maps standards) this beautiful little farm is worth the visit with your family.

As part of Forsythe Farms educational programming the children learned about basic agricultural concepts, many of which children don’t get to see and experience these days with the urban/rural divide. You’re probably wondering what kind of princess costume Stella is wearing in this photo, it looks like someone got Disney’s Rapunzel outfit on inside out and upside down. Well, Stella isn’t a princess, Stella is a plant! Those long yellow bits near her feet, those are her roots and if you look closely she has flowers on her headband- this is where the bees drink the nectar from which they then pollinate other plants (often times our food) with. Pollinators are essential to feeding cities, learn more. Stella was very lucky to have been chosen to dress up like a plant while rest of her classmates learned from the details of her outfit.

Forsythe Farm offers a wide variety of activities for families to participate in – it’s not just for school visits. The farm opens for the season on May long weekend and remains open on weekends until the Strawberries are ready, then great news, it’s open daily! With a wide variety of fresh produce available for picking, they are open throughout the summer all the way through to the fall for apples and pumpkin picking!

Wagon rides wind throughout their fields and are a wonderful way for a family with little children to get up close to their active agricultural fields. There are cute fairy tale scenes setup for the kids to take in as the adults enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views.

I can almost guarantee that you have never smelled anything quite as delicious as one of there homemade apple caramel pies that they bake daily! The intoxicating smell wafting from the farm kitchen will have you running to pick one up before they disappear- dessert for the family! 

A small animal farm is setup for the children to engage in some hands on experiential learning- goats, chicks, sheep, pigs and bunnies! The class was even allowed to feed the animals- what is not to love!

Mom and Dad, do you need a rest? Grab a coffee and relax while the kids play in the fenced in playground! Slides, bikes, play houses and a sandpit offer a wide range of entertainment for kids of all ages and abilities to enjoy! 

It was worth the beautiful drive just north of York Region to visit! 
Check out there website Forsythe Family Farm for more information and hours of operation! If you visit, send me a note, I’d like know your thoughts!