My Current Netflix Obsessions

Who isn’t obsessed with Netflix these days? We kicked our cable well over a year ago now . . . it just felt like we were constantly scrolling or just watching CNN mindlessly and when we did turn on the TV there was never anything on live cable we were watching, we were always flipping on our Netflix.

So without further a do her are my current Netflix obsessions!

1/ Good Girls – Obviously I write a Blog centred around Suburban mom life but Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Mae Whitman (Independence Day), and Retta (Park and Recreation) take the struggle of suburban mom life to a whole new level when they start washing money for a gangster and running pills . . . How far would you fall for your family? (this might make a great blog piece later . . hmmm?! Stay tuned!). These ladies are killing it while hanging out with the hottie gangster played by Manny Montana, thank me later!

2/ Money Heist – The Spanish series (English Voiceover) has a great plot and the writers have done a fabulous job making you love the characters! A group of misfits band together to pull off the greatest heist in recorded history! In the beginning the English voiceover is a little annoying but it doesn’t take long to become engulfed in the plot and forget the voiceover is even happening!

3/ Dynasty – I remember my mom sending me to bed so that she could watch the original Dynasty! The remake is every bit as dramatic as the original and the cast is so fun! Grant Show (Melrose Place) is back and more handsome than ever in the remake as head of the family! The drama, clothes, backstabbing all prove a perfect blend for mindless and fun soap opera watching! and Diana Gillies wardrobe is to-die-for at times!

4/ When They See Us – Is a documentary based on the wrongful conviction of 5 young people. The limited series spans a quarter century from conviction to exoneration and shows just how wrong things in the court system can go. Take a deep breathe and dive in to the lives of these 5 young men and watch as they fight for freedom. (Not everything I watch is fun and mindless)

5/ Nashville – This is a current and past obsession! I first started watching this country drama when I was on maternity leave with Stella (who is almost 5!). Well the final and sixth season is now available on Netflix! Centered around two rival country singers one who is trying to reinvent herself and a younger more glamourous singer on her way up. Watch as they sing, dance, scam there way back into the hearts of country music fans everywhere!

6/ The Order – Lets just get it out there .. I LOVE Harry Potter . . and watching “The Order” is like seeing a different older version of Harry Potter on the screen! University student Jack Morton attends university and joins a make believe magical society he is thrust into a world of magic and monsters. Navigating his way through this new found world while trying to avenge his mothers death make for a great tale!

Well that’s it for my current Netflix obsessions, what’s on your list?!