On My Coffee Table

When it comes to what I’m reading my taste is best described as eclectic and wide ranging.

Inspirational / self help is something new that I have only recently started dabbling in, but both of these books, “Girl, wash your face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis are phenomenal! These are must reads for anyone who is trying to figure how to move forward or, for someone who might need a reality check- it delivers a kick in the butt to help you get your life into gear.

This quote gave me the strength and perseverance to move forward with this blog and not worry as to what everyone else was thinking or saying about me.

Sometimes having someone else point out the obvious makes all the difference in the world!

This book was a gift from my Mother for Christmas and it’s something fun that we do with my 4 year old daughter Stella. This book has 365 questions in it, you ask a question a day and repeat the questions for 3 years. I love this book, it leads to the most colourful conversations, sometimes Stella rambles for minutes and Angelo and I get so much more out of her than the age old, “how was school?”.

I’ve saved the best for last – I’, a total sucker for a good romance novel, I read 50 Shades of Grey when it was only available on Wattpad, which back then, was a relatively unknown app for fan fiction readers and writers. So, my last selection (hidden at the bottom of the pile for obvious reasons) would be of no surprise to my friends and family. I haven’t had a chance to read it just yet, but I couldn’t resist picking up E.L. James’ new book The Mister. The Jury’s out, but I will report back soon!