Rouge National Urban Park!

Hey! GTA Mama’s and families, did you know this beautiful resource is right in our backyards? It is! This isn’t the typical play park, it’s more of an outdoor wildlife adventure! The new Rouge Urban National Park runs from downtown Toronto right through York Region and is also in Durham! If you’re local, you definitely need to take your family on a trek through this beautiful urban park.

Within Markham’s city limits is Bob Hunter Memorial Park, it is a scenic nature walk full diverse wildlife discoveries and relaxing trails. At the most Northern point of the park, the trails end in the small community of Whitchurch-Stouffville, where the Rouge Urban National Park has been tied into the local residential trails. If you continue North along the local trail, it will lead you right onto the historic Main Street which is full of cute little shops and coffee houses! Ange and I took Stella and Evva on a walk through the Northern tip of the park this past weekend and just moments in the girls spotted the a beaver hanging out on a log- #meanwhileincanada! The federal government has done major environmental restoration in order to attract native birds and freshwater species, especially in this area, it is worth the trek. Heading South in the park, washrooms have been added, as well as picnic shelters, lookout points and even a beautiful gas fire pit! It is very family friendly. Check out ther website, there is always lots going on.

You know it’s really an Urban Park when it has it’s own app available for Android and IOS systems.

The views from the newest Norththern section are incredible