Someday . . . You should Read This Book

I remember the first time I read this book, my Mom had just hosted a baby shower for me and instead of cards, I was given books for the baby to enjoy. A week later I was putting all my lovely gifts away and finally started sorting through the books. I spent time reading all the sweet messages that people had inscribed in the front covers, for my soon to be, new baby girl- I can’t wait for her to read all the thoughtful messages one day. I came across “Someday”, the title was intriguing, the cover was beautiful and so, at 9 months pregnant I sat in my living room and read it quietly to myself.

20 pages later, with tears streaming down my face, I hadn’t even given birth yet but, the book had me thinking about Stella as an adult and suddenly I was gone, I was nothing but a loving memory in my unborn child’s mind. I was inconsolable, Angelo (my spouse) walked in and thought I had totally lost it. I could barely get a sentence out in between my tearful sobs to tell him everything was fine, just fine. I’ve just died, Stella is an adult, she is upset that I’m dead and our family future was looking really grim. But, like waking from any dream, reality clicked in and Stella was still cozy in my tummy, my hair was not yet grey and in a few short weeks I would get the privilege of being her Mommy.

“Someday” is the book that every new parent doesn’t want to read but, should read. Someday is what us parents all think about, we wonder about the health of our relationships with our children, as they continue to learn and grow into themselves. We dream about what our children’s future holds- will they graduate, will they be successful, will they have a strong sense of community, get involved and develop responsibilities, will they find love and true happiness just as I have- because I want them to. I often wonder if someday I will be lucky enough to have grandchildren that hold me as dearly as my girls do their Baba and Yiayia.

Someday is today, tomorrow and the rest of our little ones lives. But, they don’t magically get there on there own, we have to help them get to their someday. We need to help them make their own choices and guide them in a good direction. We need to realize there is a time to step back and let them fall and when to step in and catch them. Somedays aren’t unlimited, I want to seize them all and live my best life with my beautiful family alongside me.