Easter Egg Decorating!

My girls are still little (these picture are from Easter 2018) and so obviously decorating Easter eggs can be challenging (just think, broken eggs everywhere) but, I found these amazing cardboard eggs at Walmart in the Easter / Spring section! (Sorry I can’t find them online) They come in the cutest little egg carton with dye and baggies. I opted to use ziplock baggies for dyeing the eggs (not the bags provided) this way I was able to use directions on the back of the carton to mix colours and the girls could squish and shake the baggies to get the eggs coated in the dye. I try to minimize the mess whenever possible.

I kept the little carton and placed the dyed eggs back in, to allow them time to dry (approx. 30 mins).

Once the eggs were completely dry I pulled out the crayons, markers (what was I thinking?!) and stickers and let the girls get to it! I loved the end result, and I also loved that they would pull them out of the dish and add more decorations to them as the weeks went by!